NFT Promoting Express Plan for Beginners
Giphy account
Make some simple digital art, create a Giphy account and upload your artwork there. See how many views you get. Verify your account through Instagram or Twitter beforehand. Verified accounts have more benefits in Giphy search results. If there are less than 5000 views per week, intensify work on the quality of the works.
Post a piece of digital art on Instagram, run ads on the audience of subscribers and people associated with them. Look at the interactions with your post. Check out the table called CONVERSIONS above to evaluate the results of your ads.
Hashtags, following and liking users that interest you. An hour a day = 500 subscribers a week if your chosen audience is interested in your content.
Subscribers Growth
Make the job of building social media followers a permanent one. Go out to new people, get to know them. But don't scare collectors away with intrusive private message sales methods. If they follow you, they will probably see your work. And if they want to buy, they will ask how.
Help friends
Don't take other artists as competitors. If you see that your friend is participating in the auction, help him: make a repost: he will help you during your auction.
E-mail newsletters
Form a base of subscribers: friends, collectors, media representatives who can be informed about the release of new NFTs. where to begin? From the giveaways! If your work is good, then many will want to receive as a gift a copy of the edition prepared specifically for giveaways.
Do not refuse to participate in events where you are invited. Even if it's an NFT apartment show or a Zoom conference. Don't turn your nose up at the curators who haven't made themselves known yet. Today they are unknown, and tomorrow - at the peak of popularity. The more you respond to various initiatives, the more chances you have to declare yourself loudly one day.
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