Virginia Lam
Virginia is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of COINS GROUP, Blockchain & Crypto Startup Investor.

COINS GROUP is a private fund that has been providing global capital and marketing resources for blockchain projects since 2017. The company's capital arm, COINS CAPITAL, has invested in more than 40 blockchain start-ups in early rounds, whereas COINS MARKETING focuses on providing exclusive advisory and incubation support for projects under the company's portfolio.

Based in Hong Kong and collaborating with partners from more than 10 countries in a decentralized model, Virginia and her team have not just invested but contributed their research, fundraising and incubation experience in the space to help portfolio companies to launch and scale by offering knowhow and actionable insights, pre-vetted partner lists, and sharing of an extensive global resource network consists of exchanges (CEX and DEX), pre-listing/ IDO platforms, game and NFT launchpads, market makers, blockchain developers, investors, crypto influencers, regional communities, DAOs, guilds, crypto media platforms and other strategic partner networks.

Investments:, world's fastest growing crypto app with 10M+ users

Equilibrium, cross-chain money markets

Oasis Labs, privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance

Kilt, DID protocol for issuing self-sovereign, verifiable credentials

Cere, decentralized data ownership

Gamee, blockchain meets mobile entertainment

Idavoll Network, a toolbox for decentralized community monetization

Labs Group, digitized real estate investment ecosystem

Blindboxes, gamified launchpad and marketplace for NFTs

OccamFi, Cardano's DeFi ecosystem

deFire, hub for optimal on-chain execution

CasperLabs, blockchain built for enterprise adoption

Iagon, decentralized cloud services

Coin98, all-in-one DeFi platform with 700k users from 150 countries

NFT Stars, first Australian cross-chain NFT marketplace

Ardana, stablecoin ecosystem built on Cardano

Theos, smart liquidity protocol for NFTs

vEmpire, world's largest decentralized metaverse investment platform

Olympus Dao, decentralized reserve currency and community-owned decentralized financial infrastructure

Paragons Dao, economic and social partner-DAO to promising blockchain-powered gaming ecosystems

ShoeFy, digital sneaker NFT ecosystem

Zuki Moba, play-to-earn shooting game

Cowboy Snake, first team-vs-team game platform inspired by Snake

MeMusic, blockchain-based platform to to personalize music experience

Torekko, Japanese animation metaverse

Pocket Network, trustless API protocol for major blockchain networks

Portal Finance, decentralized financial platform that blends bitcoin and layer 2

GEMS, social sharing portal to connect crypto gamers and turn GameFi into Esports

and more.

Strategic Partnerships:

DaoLaunch, decentralized venture capital

NewChic Capital, single family office with roots in property, technology and businesses in the US and in Asia

and more.

Virginia is a lifetime learner and has been an entrepreneur for over 8 years. Before foraying into blockchain and crypto, Virginia ran an O2O marketing agency and has been an all-rounded performance marketer for over 10 years and has worked with over 100 brands.

Virginia has been 100% focused on blockchain and crypto, since her first successful ICO experience in May 2017 (before Web 3.0 became a buzzword). She firmly believes that decentralized technologies will accelerate the world's transition to more fair and transparent collaboration and revenue sharing models for every Internet user.

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